WHOIS Terms of Use for .hk.com | .hk.org | .ltd.hk | inc.hk

The information from the WHOIS Service is provided by UDR Limited (“UDR”)
The data in UDR’s WHOIS database is for informational purposes only. UDR does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the WHOIS data. The data is provided to assist members of the public in obtaining information about the registration record of domain names maintained under UDR namespaces.
By using the UDR WHOIS Service you agree to these Terms of Use:

  • You will not use the data for any unlawful purposes.
  • You will not use high-volume, electronic, or automated processes to access, query, or harvest the data.
  • You will not use the data for mass unsolicited commercial advertising of any sort via any medium. 
  • You will not compile the data for dissemination to any third party. 
  • You will not use the data to derive an economic benefit for yourself. 
  • You will not use the data excessively or abuse it in any way.

UDR may suspend or terminate your access to the WHOIS Service at any time if you are in violation of any of these Terms of Use.

UDR may amend these Terms of Use at any time by publishing to the WHOIS website or this page.

UDR's liability for any misuse of the data is limited to the cost of a single year's domain name registration.