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The following services are intended to complement Registrars in the provision of their own services:
A UDR resource site which helps domain name users contact Accredited Registrars and Approved Service Partners for registrations, renewals, diagnosis, and administration. This site will be continually updated with as new registrars become accredited.
Provides the UDR WHOIS service for members of the public looking for information about the registration data and availability of domain names under HK.COM, HK.ORG, LTD.HK, and INC.HK. By using this service, you are agreeing to its Terms of Use.
The consultancy brand of HKdotCOM Limited, which provides network consulting services to businesses in Hong Kong and overseas. HEX can provide registrars with consulting services for setup, enhancement, and debugging of DNS and network infrastructure. Please Contact HEX directly for more information.