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Benefits to Becoming an Accredited Registrars:
  • Access to a available HK domain names
  • Low accreditation and setup costs
  • Reduced per-domain cost
  • Pricing flexibility and freedom
  • Promotion and support from UDR
Registrar Service Commitment:
Registrars need to be able to provide Registrants:
  • Domain name registration services including an online application process
  • Access to updated documentation applicable to domain name registrations
  • Web-based admin interface for registrants to view and edit their details and manage their domain names.
  • Administrative services including name server changes, ownership transfers, registrar transfers, renewals, and terminations
  • Email notifications informing registrants when domain name renewals are due
  • Billing, technical, and administrative support for registrants
  • Handling of customer inquiries, including for complaints and disputes
  • Assurances of privacy and security of customer data
Registrar Accreditation Process:
Submit Forms
1. Accreditation Form (p.1-4)
2. Registrar Accreditation Agreement (p.1,21,36)
EPP Technical Testing
in Demo Environment
1. Accreditation Fee
2. Standard Credits / Loyalty Credits
Registrar Activation
in Production Environment

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