History of UDR - the registry for .hk.com | .hk.org | .ltd.hk | .inc.hk

Domain names under .HK.COM have been used by companies and individuals since March 2000 under a closed registrar system which was known as SARNic Ltd. SARNic ceased operation in 2013.
Universal Domain Registry (UDR) subsequently took over the operation of the .HK.COM domain name registry, adding to its portfolio of Hong Kong focused namespaces, which includes 
.HK.ORG, .LTD.HK, and .INC.HK.
By operating the domain registry, we maintain all administrative data for domain name registrations under our namespaces. We do not operate our own registrar or offer our domain names to the public directly. Instead, we accredit other companies who wish to become a registrar, so that they may freely sell UDR domains to their customers, without competition from us.

We operate a user portal website to help members of the public locate registrars through which they can register and administer our domain names.
We believe that providing the Hong Kong public with new choices of competitively-priced HK namespaces will encourage them to establish and further develop their online presence. Over time, this will transform the domain name industry in Hong Kong, currently dominated by a single supplier, and ultimately achieve more favorable outcomes for consumers.