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UDR Launches New Set of Hong Kong Domain Names

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HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2015) - UDR Limited, an independent domain registry, today announces the availability of four new HK-specific domain name extensions -- .hk.com, .hk.org, .ltd.hk, and .inc.hk -- to meet a growing demand for increased choice for the local domain name market.

"The Hong Kong domain name market has lagged in recent years. Within local businesses, IT adoption has remained very low, resulting in outdated service delivery processes," says UDR founding member Maren Leizaola. "As domain names are central to the adoption of IT, we believe the extra availability of localized domain names will boost consumer appeal and drive IT-related business to local firms. Our new extensions represent a significant branding opportunity for businesses and can thus support a considerable expansion of Hong Kong's IT services market."

Last July, UDR initiated a 'soft' launch to help Accredited Registrars integrate these new Hong Kong domain names into their platforms. Instra Corporation (Australia), BB Online (UK), and Marcaria (US) were the first international registrars to adopt UDR domain names. Ascio (UK) and IP Mirror (Singapore) have also been accredited, and once set up will bring their extensive reseller channels into UDR's distribution network.

Closer to home, Hong Kong's largest web hosting company UDomain is now offering its customers the .hk.com extension. Alfatec is another Hong Kong firm currently integrating UDR domains as a complement to its outsourced IT services platform.

Interested parties can register for a UDR domain name through a registrar of their choice at www.domains.hk.com.

UDR is an independent Hong Kong based domain name registry providing domain names to the Internet community through its network of local and international registrars. Visit www.udr.hk.com for more information.

- posted 13 January 2015

ICANN Wiki page for UDR (Hong Kong)

Click to view our ICANN Wiki page.

- posted 24 November 2014

Domain Names Registrations under .hk.com, .hk.org, .ltd.hk, .inc.hk!

Since mid-July, registrars have been conducting technical tests to integrate our set of Hong Kong domain names into their platforms. These domain names have been introduced with the intention of giving the public more greater choice and opportunity to establish an online presence for themselves and their businesses.

​​​​Instra Corporation Pty Ltd was the first to begin accepting registrations, launching a campaign to help customers protect their brands in Hong Kong. The next to complete technical setup were BB Online UK Limited, UDomain Web Hosting Co Ltd, Marcaria.com International, and Ascio Technologies Inc. 

We are still in discussions with other registrars and will continue to update this page with our progress.

Members of the public who wish to register a domain name under .hk.com, .hk.org, .ltd.hk, or inc.hk may visit our user portal, which lists all the registrars who currently support online registration at www.domains.hk.com.

- posted 15 October 2014

Universal Domain Registry (UDR) made its registry system 'live' as of 30 June 2014

We are currently conducting technical testing with our first 4 Accredited Registrars: Alfa Tec Ltd, Instra Corporation Pty Ltd, BB-Online UK Ltd, and Marcaria.com International Inc.

Once technical testing is complete, each Accredited Registrar will be enabled for registrations of UDR Domains .hk.com, .hk.org, .ltd.hk, and .inc.hk.

There will be no sunrise period or landrush period for these domain names. Accredited Registrars will be able to register domain names for their customers on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We will continue to update this page with announcements as they develop.

- posted 03 July 2014

Universal Domain Registry (UDR) will launch its registry at the end of Q2 2014

We have begun to receive expressions of interest from existing registrars in Hong Kong and will soon initiate accreditation procedures.

We will continue to post news and announcements here as they develop.

- posted 07 May 2014