SARNic - registrar for domains from 2000 - 2013

The message below is intended for previous registrants of domain names under the old 'closed' registrar system SARNic.

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Dear .HK.COM domain users,

In mid-2013, we informed you about changes in the operations of .HK.COM domains.

HKdotCOM Limited had taken over the operation of .HK.COM domain names from the previous domain registrar SARNic Limited.

To ensure that there was no immediate impact for existing domain name users while the .HK.COM domain registry underwent a restructure, HKdotCOM Limited temporarily acted as registrar to process enquiries and renewals requests.

By now all inactive and expired .HK.COM domain names have been released for new registration. While we have tried to make sure all users were given sufficient time to renew their domain names, some were not contactable. If you have previously registered a domain name under .HK.COM and would like to retain your ownership, please direct your enquiry to

For users with upcoming expiries, you will be given the opportunity to transfer your domain name to one of our accredited registrars for renewal requests and domain administration when necessary.

As of July 2014, the .HK.COM domain registry has completed its restructuring process and is now allowing new registrations through UDR-Accredited Registrars.

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HKdotCOM Limited