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Universal Domain Registry (UDR) takes pride in it's management expertise, each member possessing a valuable skillset which aligns him specifically to his UDR role. Together our team makes possible the reliable and efficient operation of our Registry.
Maren S. Leizaola – Non-Executive Director
With a background in Computer Science and Information Security, Mr. Leizaola possesses decades of experience in systems analysis and design. He has extensive experience designing and implementing highly sophisticated network infrastructure projects for prominent multinational firms in technology-dependent industries, such as high frequency trading, power plant operation, and telecommunications provision, to name a few. Mr. Leizaola's networking capabilities are unmatched in the IT industry; he is often invited overseas to implement projects where others have failed.
Mr. Leizaola contributes 14 year of experience in the domain name industry, including 18 years of DNS administration, having established and operated HK’s only alternative domain name registrar, which was subsequently absorbed into UDR. He is credited with constructing UDR’s infrastructure to be robust, secure, and reliable.
Tom Charlesworth – Non-Executive Director
Mr. Charlesworth began his career in the energy markets as a trader of oil and financial derivatives for over a decade. His energy market expertise and his management experience landed him a role at a small 6-member start-up, Totem. There he designed, marketed, and operated a price verification service that has now become the industry standard across global financial markets. After the company was taken over by Markit, Mr. Charlesworth helped make Markit itself a leader in its commodities and environmental businesses across Europe and Asia, today employing over 3000 people.
Mr. Charlesworth was also a founder and key contributor to Hong Kong’s only alternative domain registrar in 2000. Mr. Charlesworth's track record of ensuring the success of start-ups with his leadership and guidance will help UDR transform the domain name industry in Hong Kong.
Manesh Samtani – Registrar Relations
Mr. Samtani has a background in Finance and Sales. His technical knowledge and analytical skills facilitated his transition into a portfolio manager, where he spent nearly a decade trading financial products across world markets, including insurance, stock, and various commodity and currency futures. Since leaving the financial industry, Mr. Samtani has employed his technical capabilities and business acumen to provide consulting services to small businesses in Hong Kong, ultimately landing him a permanent role at UDR.
As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Samtani manages the day-to-day activities of UDR, including all financial and business administration matters. Mr. Samtani, an excellent communicator, also manages all relationships with UDR's business partners.